Let the Adventures Begin

Let the Adventures Begin

We are often asked if there is a story behind our designs. Most often our designs are inspired by something we see or hear. Sometimes they are inspired by customer suggestions. Here is the story behind "Let the Adventures Begin"

I love the outdoors! When my kids were younger, we would go camping, but with 3 boys....that became a difficult outing and we slowly stopped going. Then of course, life kicked in and with jobs, school, activities and everything else thrown in the mix, we had no time to enjoy the outdoors.

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I went for breakfast and he asked me what I wanted to do for the day. I suggested we go and look at RV's. He gave me the look that said without words that he thought I was crazy, but off we went to browse. The RV dealership that we went to was a camping wonderland with hundreds to choose from spread out over 20 acres. From tiny retro travel trailers to big rigs that are about as many square feet as my home! We browsed inside the cool show room and then ventured out into the hot Florida sun. Most we looked at out of curiosity. As the salesman continued on his spiel that I was only half listening to, I heard "motor coaches are considered a second home". My ears perked up and I questioned him on this. That was all I needed to hear!

One week later, we were the proud new owners of a brand new 28' Thor Motor Coach! Now you may think this is awesome until you realize that you have this huge home on wheels parked in your driveway but you can't use it! Why? Because when you buy an RV, they don't give you all the necessary things needed! You need to go out and buy water hoses, sewer connections, levelers, chucks, chemicals for the black tank, chemicals for the gray tank and a slew of other things. Then you get to start on the inside! The inside is fun once you get your mindset on the idea of "tiny house".

Our first trip in the RV was exciting. We spent a week gathering, purchasing and getting the RV ready. Since I was working during this time, my husband called me and asked if we had extra grill tools for the RV. Of course we did as they are one of our popular products this time of year. I grabbed a bbq grill set that I had set aside because it wasn't perfect enough for our customers (we are very particular in the quality of the products we sell!). Since I was looking forward to the adventures that lay ahead for our family, I quickly designed the "Let the Adventures Begin" Grill Tool Set.

Our first adventure was a trip to The Oaks at Point South in Yemassee, South Carolina. It wasn't our first choice, but with the 4th of July coming up, reservations were hard to come by. It didn't matter to us as we enjoyed every minute of our trip. Surprisingly, there were only a few things that we had forgotten and a few things that went on our "need to buy" list. The weather was sauna like, but it didn't stop us from exploring the campground and even taking a hike to the KOA campground next door! It was a perfect weekend spent cooking on a campfire, eating s'mores and Jiffy Pop popcorn. We are looking forward to and planning our next adventure!

Jul 6th 2018 Debbie Herb

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