Our Tumblers New Design!

If you have browsed our website, you may notice that our tumblers have taken on a new look. People hate change and believe me, we are right there with you. At first, we hated the entire idea. We had grown accustomed and used to our tumblers. But Yeti thought differently. 

If you haven't heard, Yeti has sued most manufacturers of these tumblers. The lawsuit has been going on for a few years and no one seemed to know where it was going to end up. After all, it's a tumbler! How many different ways can you design a tumbler? When a new product appears on the market, it is usually expensive as it is marketed as the "next big thing" and that marketing makes you think "I've got to have that!". Yeti WAS that next big thing. People were paying $50 to have one of their tumblers just because it was a Yeti.

Simply Custom Life is always looking for new products and we can frequently be found browsing at tradeshows all over the country seeking the newest and best products for our customers! Several years ago, we ran into Yeti and one of the tradeshows and were intrigued. Our badges were scanned and we were promised someone would follow up with us. This happened for a few years, and no one ever followed up. We would leave messages, fill out forms, beg for a phone call, but nothing from the great company of Yeti. A couple years ago, we finally got to speak to a live person and were told that we were just too small for them. That led us to research the market.

By this time, other manufacturers had created their own tumblers. We bought dozens from every manufacturer we could find. We personally tested each and every one, until we found what we felt was the best of the best. Each one was compared to Yeti. Almost every one was comparable as to keeping your drink hot or cold. Next up, was durability. We really put these to the test. We decided on a manufacturer and went with them.

Meanwhile, back in Yeti-land, they began to lose market share and were forced to lower their price points which obviously did not make them happy, so they began suing claiming other tumblers were "confusingly similar" to their infamous product. An agreement was reached and change has moved forward. 

Our new tumblers have a ringed bottom! Yes, of course at first we complained. We whined and cried to the manufacturer, but have now embraced this design change. Our designs look awesome! Nothing about the actual tumbler has changed. Same exact internal design! We are excited to continue to bring you new designs on these new tumblers!

Jan 5th 2019

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